Why Take Advanced Classes????

We all know that our dogs need some obedience training. Most people agree that a beginning level class that is well-managed and well-taught will benefit you and your dog. However, many owners have unrealistic expectations of a beginning level class. A beginning, or basic obedience class, teaches you how to communicate with your dog and teaches your dog how to learn. It does not teach your dog, or you, all the obedience you will need for the rest of your dogs life. Think of it this way, if you stop training after a basic obedience class, it’s like sending your child to Kindergarten-Third Grade and then saying, you’re all done with school. Obviously, kids, and dogs for that matter, need more school!!

Unleashed Advanced offers the next level in training. Advanced Classes focus on applying what you’ve learned in your basic class, but adding distractions and adding distance. The sit stay and down stay don’t do you any good if your dog won’t do it with distractions! The come command is essential, but will your dog listen and respond when he’s playing with another dog at Folsom Dog Park, or following a scent on the Serrano Trails in El Dorado Hills? These are the challenges we face as dog owners. However, in saying that, it’s important to understand that dogs need to be taught these behaviors with distance, duration and distractions in mind. Just because a dog knows sit in your living room, doesn’t mean he knows it at your child’s soccer game. Dogs need to generalize behaviors before they become reliable. That’s the cornerstone of “Unleashed Advanced.”

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  1. My dog Bella and I have learned so much since taking classes with Mandy. Her unique training method works with no matter what type of dog you have. I get compliments from trail walkers a lot when I’m walking Bella, that she is a very well behaved dog. Thank you, Mandy

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