What was your dog bred for and why does it matter?

Why is it important to know what your dog is bred for? Breed specific behavior can help us reach our training goals faster and understand our dog better.

“Why is our Labrador so mouthy?”
“Why is our Border Collie chasing cars?”
“Why is our German Shepherd so territorial?”
“Why won’t our Beagle come?”
These are all breed specific behaviors that are “hard wired” in these breeds. Can you stop these behaviors? In some cases, yes, in other cases, you manage the behavior but can’t extinguish it. We shouldn’t choose a dog only because they are the right size, or they have short hair, etc. Many Terriers, for example, are small and have short hair, but they are tenacious, smart, high energy dogs bred with a “big dog attitude.” Many owners get in over their head with a specific breed. A little research can go a long way…
For more info on breed specific behaviors, check out http://www.anticruelty.org/site/epage/74487_576.htm

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