Unleashed and Togs for Dogs Join Forces!!

Unleashed is now offering group dog training classes at Togs For Dogs Pet Supply Store in El Dorado Hills.  Eddie and Dina are so generous to open their wonderful new store to owners seeking better-behaved companions.  Unleashed and Togs share a vision whereby owners can bring their dogs along with them and be proud of the way they behave.   
Unleashed teaches beginning and advanced classes at Togs for Dogs on Tuesday mornings.  Feel free to stop by to check it out or you can register online.
I love teaching at Togs because it provides real-life distractions and experiences.  Where else can you train your dog in a fenced-in dog park, or practice your down-stays on the patio while you have a cup of coffee??  Such a neat twist to our existing array of classes already being offered at Unleashed. 
For those of you who have taken classes at Togs, what did you think of the experience??  Feel free to comment…

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