Tie Down for Dogs: The Magnificent Management Tool

A tie-down is a great management tool for owners and dogs. It helps with :

begging at the tablejumping on people

barking at the doormeeting a cat

housetrainingseparation anxiety

What It Is

A tie-down is a leash or cable that is 2 to 3 feet long and is attached to an immovable object (like a piece of furniture, or an eyebolt that is placed in the wall) and to your dog’s buckle collar.A tie-down helps teach your dog to relax, and it also keeps him out of mischief.

How To Use It

A tie-down should be placed in a fairly busy room in your house.It is used ONLY when someone is home, not when you’ve left the house.Although a tie down can be used as a consequence, it’s more often used as a management tool.Your dog should be comfortable and have something good to lie on, chew on, and play with while on the tie-down.For safety reasons, please do not attach the tie-down to a Gentle Leader, Halti, choke, pinch, or any other restricting collar.Be careful that the dog can’t drag the piece of furniture around with him.Keep in mind a tie-down is NOT a tie out.A tie out is a cable or chain used to keep dogs in a yard.They often make dogs aggressive, since the dog feels that he can’t run away from any perceived threat.We never recommend them.


Where Can I Get One?

Once you realize how much easier life can be with a tie down, the next question is where do I get one. You can order a tie down right on the Unleashed website for $10. Unleashed is located in El Dorado Hills and will ship tie downs anywhere in the country. Don’t go on a wild goose chase looking for one, almost all pet stores sell “tie outs,” but not tie downs. They are a completely different tool used for different things.


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