The Unleashed Training Philosophy

Unleashed Dog Training & Behavior Center employs a positive approach to training your dog. This style of training allows you to build the relationship you strive for with your dog using tools that your dog loves. It’s not only more fun for you and your dog, but it’s more effective as well.

Although Unleashed is familiar and well-versed in the compulsive (old school) style of training, we choose to educate and train owners using positive reinforcement.  Dogs want to work.  They want to learn and they need your leadership and guidance.  They don’t need to be afraid of you in order to behave appropriately. Our positive approach uses tools such as the dog’s natural ability to read body language and their natural instinct to be park of a pack.  Once we, as owners, understand this, we can manipulate and shape the dogs behavior to be in line with what our expectations are.  Training is an opportunity to build relationship with your dog, not break it down.

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