The Dog Days of Summer

Happy Summer!  The kids are out of school, the weather is heating up and you and your dog are ready for a great summer in El Dorado County.  Here are just a couple of tips to remember to keep your Fido safe now that summer is upon us.  First of all, here are the more obvious warnings

  • Don’t leave your dog in the car.  We all know how warm it gets here in Folsom/El Dorado Hills.  Leave Fido at home now when you run your errands
  • Always have shade and water available
  • Be careful of rattlesnakes

The not-so-obvious warnings:

  • The pavement can get scorching here in the foothills.  If you stop to talk to your neighbor, make sure your dog isn’t left to endure this hot pavement on his feet.  We don’t notice it because we have shoes on, but it burns their pads just like it would burn our bare feet.
  • Many dogs can get sunburned.  If your dog’s coat is scarce in places or has pink pigment in their skin, they are susceptible to sunburns.
  • Foxtails can be an expensive and dangerous nuisance.  With the weather heating up and all the weed-wacking going on, the foxtails are in full force.  Make sure you check your dog after each outing .

The best defense to a super hot day is to go big early!  Take a big walk or run early in the morning.  Or, enjoy a trip to Folsom Lake where your dog can cool off at their leisure.  Then, enjoy the rest of the day lounging in the shade!

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