Quick Tips for a Solid Stay

It seems most dogs who have taken any obedience class know what stay means. Stay, or don’t move from the position I put you in, can be an incredibly convenient command for owners. How many of you can honestly say that your dog’s stay is solid? Will they sit and stay when you see a friend outside of Starbucks in El Dorado Hills? Will they lay down and stay when you have guests over for dinner on these warm Sacramento evenings?

These are the kind of stays that we’re talking about. The key to a successful stay is practice. Generalize your stay command by practicing it in a number of different places. Don’t combine duration and distance when you are first starting out. Practice one at a time. Keep the exercises short and successful. Most owners push it too fast and set the dog up to fail by not reinforcing enough and setting unrealistic expectations. Practice with minimum distractions and gradually build, making sure to praise often. And finally, make sure you have a specific release word that your dog understands to mean he is done with whatever you’ve asked of him.

Obedience is fun for you and your dog. But, remember it can also be a huge help in achieving your long term lifestyle goals in dog ownership. Do yourself and your dog a favor by continuing to practice and build on the obedience you’ve already achieved.

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