Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

What is it? There are so many different training styles, how is the average pet owner supposed to know what is the best method, or piece of equipment for their dog? Over the past 15 years Unleashed has heard it all. Here are some phrases that pop up when I talk to clients about positive reinforcement training? “I don’t want my dog to get fat,” or I don’t want her to do it just because I have cookies.” These are valid concerns that I agree with. But, the fact of the matter is, that although food can be one component of positive reinforcement dog training, it is certainly not the only one. Most owners want to do the “right thing” by their dog and teach them manners and commands without using force. Effective use of motivators and a relationship built on trust, consistency and leadership is the key. What motivates your dog? Is it the ball, is it a belly scratch, is it a trip to the park, is it a stick or a pine cone, or is it food? The list can go on and on. Once your dog figures out that you control her resources and you control her motivators, what won’t she do for you???? Positive reinforcement training allows you to build the relationship you strive for with your dog using tools that your dog loves….just ask her to work for them. Folsom, El Dorado Hills and the Greater Sacramento Area have such wonderful outlets for dogs. As a pet owner, you understand that the more control you have of your dog, the more freedom your dog has because she’s a joy to bring places. Unleash your dog’s potential!

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