Management…a cornerstone to having a well-mannered dog!

Proper management is one of the key components contributing to a well-mannered dog. Good management essentially entails understanding what are realistic expectations for your dog and how to set your dog up for success. For example, many young dogs aren’t capable of being left alone in the house all day without showing some signs of stress or boredom. Stress and boredom can often lead to destructive behavior. Therefore, many dogs are destructive in the house as a result of poor management. If your dog is alone in the house all day and chews up the couch, what is he learning when you come home and punish him? He will decide that chewing on the couch is fun and you coming home is bad! When you cannot supervise your dog, confine him to a crate or dog-proof area to prevent bad habits from developing. When you are home, supervise your dog so that you can stop misbehavior and redirect him into an appropriate activity.

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