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Group training classes are on hiatus for Summer 2015, check back in Fall!

Effective Dog Obedience Classes are a wonderful, affordable way to train your dog. Mandy Kennedy, owner of Unleashed Dog Training & Behavior Center, has taught successful group classes for over 20 years. Group classes are 4-6 weeks long, meeting once a week for an hour and are designed to teach you how to train your dog. Unleashed offers basic, intermediate and advanced classes. Classes at Unleashed are unique because we believe it’s important to create a positive learning experience for your dog by keeping our class size small so you and your dog have plenty of guidance and space.We have a progression of three classes to achieve your training goals.Smart Starts, Middle Paws and Unleashed Advanced.


Smart Starts, the beginning level group class will cover obedience commands including sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, loose leash walking, jumping up, and coming when called.


Middle Paws is our intermediate class designed to build on the foundation from Smart Starts. Middle Paws specifically focuses on solid stays, more loose leash walking and the recall command.


Unleashed Advanced is for graduates of Smarts Starts and Middle Paws. Unleashed Advanced focuses on bigger distractions, longer stays, commands at a distance and the off leash come. Unleashed Advanced classes are often held at “real life” venues such as local parks or shopping centers.


Group Classes at Unleashed creates a positive, well-managed environment for your family and your dog. In addition, group classes can provide an opportunity for much needed socialization and a “support group” for owners with new dogs.

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