Dog Training Tips El Dorado Hills

Dog Training Tips El Dorado Hills

Management is a key component in your goal of achieving a well-mannered dog.  Management, not training, can be the difference between a chewed couch, stolen food off the counters, numerous holes in the backyard and complaints from neighbors for barking.  Good management essentially means setting you and your dog up for success.  That is to say, understand that your dog is not a furry person but an animal that possesses a set of instincts which guide her behaviors.  In order to successfully communicate with your dog, it’s important to understand what these instincts are and how you can use them to your advantage.  For example, dogs are den animals that enjoy and relax in tight, enclosed places.  Being den animals, their instincts usually tell them to keep their den clean.  Crate training uses the dog’s natural instincts to help you with destructive behavior as well as housetraining.
There are four management tools which are essential to a healthy, happy and appropriate relationship between dog and owner.  These tools include crate training, tie downs, dragging leash and exercise.
We’ll spend some time in subsequent blog posts outlining each one of these four important management tools.  Find out more about Dog Training El Dorado Hills by exploring our site and blog posts!

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