Dog Training in El Dorado, Foothill and Sacramento areas

You need help with dog training. You have a new dog, whether it’s a new puppy or a recently adopted dog, you want to help this animal become a well mannered, well adjusted member of your family. Wherever you live in the greater Sacramento and Foothill Area, you will find an array of options for training your dog. Which option suits you depends on a number of factors. Dog training options are usually broken down into 3 categories. There are group classes, private lessons and board & train.

Effective dog obedience classes are a wonderful, affordable way to train your dog. Many group classes are 6-8 weeks long and are designed to teach you how to train your dog. Most group classes will cover basic obedience commands like sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, coming when called and not jumping up. If done well, group classes provide a positive, well managed environment for your family and your dog. The cost of group dog training classes can range from $90-$150 for the whole session.

Things to consider when researching options for dog obedience classes are:

  • How much experience does the instructor have in teaching group classes?
  • How many dogs are in each class?
  • Are there assistants who help the instructor?
  • Are there any restrictions on specific breeds in class?

What equipment is used on the dogs?

If you have more questions regarding group classes, feel free to contact Mandy Kennedy of Unleashed Dog Training and Behavior Center by EMAIL (just click) or call (916) 605-9778.

Private Lessons and Behavior Consultations are another option when it comes to achieving your training goals. Private lessons are perfect for an owner who wants to be very involved in the training process, wants to work at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home. They are also a great option for dogs who are not ready or able to focus in the sometimes seemingly chaotic environment of a group class. Private lessons are one on one sessions with a professional dog trainer. You can often tailor the lessons to meet your needs and your schedule. Private lessons move much quicker than group classes, since each lesson is specifically geared to your dog training goals. You can do as many or as few lessons as you like, however, many trainers will give you a discount for buying a “package of lessons.”

The down side of private lessons is two fold. Private lessons can be very expensive. Many trainers charge over a $100 per session. Although an enormous amount of material and information will be gained with a good trainer, it can still add up to be a lot of money. The other down side of lessons vs. a group dog training class is the lack of distractions. Most dogs love to learn and training is a stimulating, mentally challenging and rewarding task for dogs. However, the challenge to stay focused becomes exceedingly more difficult in a group class. For many dogs, this challenge is beneficial in helping to achieve your training goals.

Board & Train is another option for owners to consider when training their dog. Board & Train essentially consists of leaving your dog in the care of a professional trainer for a specified period of time and having them train your dog for you. There are a few Board & Train options in the Sacramento Area. This option works well for owners who don’t have the time or knowledge to train their own dogs. The intensity and consistency that an effective Board & Train Program can provide can result in a transformation of behavior in a relatively short amount of time. On the other hand, Board & Train programs are very expensive and can be frustrating for owners who may find their dogs not responding to them the way the dog responded to the trainer. The bottom line is that it’s always best to train your own dog, but short of that, it’s very important to get detailed instructions from the facility on how you will follow through with the training they’ve done.

Finally, and most importantly, do some research on the style of training you wish to pursue. There are many schools of thought out there regarding what method is best when it comes to dog training. In the last 10 years training methods have shifted to a much more positive style. Unleashed Dog Training & Behavior Center has seen and practiced both methods over the last 15 years and recognizes the incredible potential dogs have for learning. The “old school” method of compulsive training is not fun for owners or dogs, but most importantly, it’s not as effective as a positive approach either.

Check out our next blog outlining specific differences in training styles and methodology.

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