Day Training

Day Training is a unique service that allows for your dog to have the individual instruction from a professional trainer without you having to be present every step of the way. Whether you need help with the basics or more advanced obedience, day training is an intensive program individually designed to accomplish your dog training goals. Day training starts with an initial consultation with an Unleashed Professional Trainer. At this time, you and the trainer discuss your specific needs and together determine a time frame for achieving your goals.

Here is an example of how it might work.  Fido is a young lab that has a good understanding of his basic commands, but doesn’t implement them well when he is around distractions. With Day Training, you and Unleashed sets up a schedule whereby the trainer takes Fido on a “training field trip.” The number of outings is determined by you.  You may want Fido out once a week, you may want him to go once a month.  In any event, after each outing Unleashed will send you a detailed account of where they went and what they worked on so that you can follow through

This is one example, of many, how Day Training might work for you. Day Training can address obedience issues as well as behavior modification issues. It’s a unique option because it allows for a more intense and effective training experience than group classes, but is not as cost prohibitive as a Board & Train program might be.

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