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Crate Training by Unleashed Dog Training in El Dorado Hills

Crate training is one of the four management techniques we outlined in our previous post here on the Unleashed Dog Training Blog. You can see that original post here Dog Training Tips El Dorado Hills.

Crate Training by Unleashed Dog Training
The crate is a safe place for your dog to be when you are gone.  The length of time a dog should spend in a crate varies depending on the dog’s age and temperament.  Most dogs that are crate trained properly love their crates.  A dog’s crate is like her own bedroom where she can go to get away from everything.  Remember that for young dogs, or dogs new to a family, more space and freedom can be a catalyst to destructive behavior.
The more space a dog has, the more anxiety they feel and anxiety is a major contributor to chewing, digging and barking.  Set the crate up in a room in the house where the dog is used to spending time and put the dog in it when you leave.  Although most dogs will sleep in their crates, it’s always a good idea to give them an appropriate chewy or activity toy to keep them busy while you are gone.  If you need help getting your dog used to the crate, refer to the crate training handout.

Coming up, our next management tips to keep your home and dog healthy and happy. In upcoming posts we’ll discuss the use and importance of a tie down, dragging leash and exercise.

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