Congratulations on your new puppy!! Now what?!?!?

Congratulations on your new puppy!! Now what?!?!
A new puppy in the household is an exciting time for everyone. You and your family have a vision of how your puppy will grow and mature into the dog you’ve always wanted. You know your pup needs training. There are so many books out there and suddenly every friend and stranger you meet is an expert on how to train your puppy.
Raising a puppy is a lot of work, but it can be such a wonderful experience as well. Let Unleashed help you take the frustration and mystery out of it. There are four main components of getting through puppyhood successfully. They include…
1. Having realistic expectations
2. Knowing and using the appropriate management tools
3. Setting the foundation for relationship early
4. Proper socialization
Everyone agrees that it’s important to socialize your puppy. However, that is easier said than done. The experiences your pup has, specifically with other dogs, at a young age can shape their perception of other dogs for the rest of their life.
The Puppy Basics Class at Unleashed Dog Training and Behavior Center is not about just throwing your pup in with a bunch of other pups and hoping they get “socialized.” Unleashed Puppy Basics Class is specifically designed to teach your pup how much fun other dogs can be as well as teach them appropriate manners around puppies and well mannered adult dogs. And, your puppy won’t be the only one learning important skills. As your dog’s pack leader, it’s important that you understand how to set your dog up for success and create an environment that your dog feels safe in. The Puppy Basics Class will focus on the 4 main components referred to above as well as some foundation training, like coming when called and leash manners.
Classes are held in the El Dorado Hills/folsom area. Come enjoy our clean, new facility

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