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Mar 25

Unleashed has available classes starting as early as next week. Check out our website and register now so you can have a better behaved dog for the Spring!!

Mar 17

What do you all think?? Feel free to chime in on this question on our Facebook Page, but read ahead to see what Unleashed says… I wish more people asked us this question before they get the dogs. Unfortunately, we usually get this comment after they’ve hired us to help them…”I wish someone told me […]

Feb 01

Why is it important to know what your dog is bred for? Breed specific behavior can help us reach our training goals faster and understand our dog better. “Why is our Labrador so mouthy?” “Why is our Border Collie chasing cars?” “Why is our German Shepherd so territorial?” “Why won’t our Beagle come?” These are […]

Jan 28

Take your dog along! This is a great time of year to bring your dog with you on outings. There are many health and behavior reasons to bring your dog with you when you are running around town. Dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Bringing your dog with you on a quick […]

Jan 19

This is one of the first questions we get when owners embark on a new training program, whether it be a group class or private lessons. The answer is simple…do as many short (3-5minutes) training sessions as you can. But, the most important thing to remember is to incorporate your training into your every day […]

Jan 06

Congratulations on your new puppy!! Now what?!?! A new puppy in the household is an exciting time for everyone. You and your family have a vision of how your puppy will grow and mature into the dog you’ve always wanted. You know your pup needs training. There are so many books out there and suddenly […]

Dec 26

Happy New Year!!! Check out our new class schedule for January/February 2011! Unleashed has a new location in El Dorado Hills and is ready to help you meet those 2011 Dog Training Goals. Register Early because class sizes are kept comfortably small to ensure a well-managed, productive environment for you and your dog. Go to […]

Nov 20

Unleashed Dog Training & Behavior Center has a new shopping page on the website. Unleashed offers all the essentials of positive reinforcement training. Harnesses, bait bags and tie downs can now be purchased online and delivered right to your door!!! Check it out!!!

May 18

It seems most dogs who have taken any obedience class know what stay means. Stay, or don’t move from the position I put you in, can be an incredibly convenient command for owners. How many of you can honestly say that your dog’s stay is solid? Will they sit and stay when you see a […]

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